Monday, June 3, 2019

Zero Emissions in Port from Remodelled RoRo Freight and Passenger Ferry  

Section Welded in Middle of Ship Whilst Technical Changes Cut Pollutants

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Shipping News Feature SPAIN – ITALY – The embarkation of a Grimaldi Line RoRo freight and passenger ferry, Cruise Roma, from the Port of Barcelona was hailed this week as the first case of a zero emissions vessel whilst in port plying its trade in the Mediterranean Sea. Originally built in 2007 the craft has been remodelled in the Palermo yard of Fincantieri, work which included a further 29 metre long midsection being added to the ship.

Grimaldi has published a video of the spectacular transformation of the ship, but the actual works are even more complex than this shows. Whilst the additional length means 600 additional freight lane metres, together with sleeping accommodation for an additional 80 passengers in new cabins and two new public spaces, there are also those technical innovations to ensure that improvement in the vessel’s environmental footprint.

Firstly there is the mega lithium battery plant with a capacity of more than 5 MWh, sufficient power to sustain the ship's energy needs during its stay in port. This negates the need for using the diesel auxiliary generators. The other major change is the fitting of four scrubbers to purify exhaust gases in order to reduce sulphur emissions down to 0.1% by mass, well under the new IMO cap whilst cutting particulate emissions by 80%.

Identical works are in hand for sister ship Cruise Barcelona, which is currently dry docked at Fincantieri Palermo’s site. The changes mean the ships each will have capacity for 3,500 passengers, 271 cars and 210 trucks and, when presenting the ship to the public, Guido Grimaldi said:

Cruise Roma represents the ideal scenario to show how we have succeeded in achieving our goals in terms of mobility and environmental sustainability. We are convinced that the future is ‘Green’ and we ensure that the Grimaldi Group will ensure maximum effort so that transport and logistics are always at the forefront in environmental sustainability, technological innovation and safety.”

Photo: The centre 29 metre section of the Cruise Roma is negotiated into position prior to welding into the body of the ferry in dry dock.

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