Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Your Chance to Rescue A Road Haulage and Freight Transport Business

Novel Idea to be Unveiled at Trucking Conference
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA - Games are the latest thing used by media people to attract the interest of stakeholders in the freight and logistics business, particularly online and at exhibitions and conferences. The latest thing to be rolled out at the forthcoming Trucking Australia 2013 in June is a little more cerebral, a chance to participate in rescuing a road haulage and general freight business, Fictitious Transport, using the collective nous of attendees at the event.

Fictitious Transport Pty Ltd is struggling. Its major customers have insisted on a rate cut and its costs are rising. Its costs will go up even further when the carbon tax starts in July 2014. Can you turn Fictitious Transport around and save the jobs of its 100 employees?

You can have your say on how it can be done at Trucking Australia where teams of delegates will get the opportunity to work together in order to develop a turnaround plan for the troubled mock business. The exercise will be led by transport and logistics Partner at Ferrier Hodgson, Brendan Richards. He certainly knows about ailing transport groups having been the Receiver and Manager of the Wettenhalls Group and the Mannway Group of Companies, two of Australia's largest road transport operators and writes a monthly column in Australasian Transport News as ‘Cash Driver’.

Attendees will leave the Masterclass with their own best practice plan to make a trucking business more successful and because it’s a team exercise, all attendees will be welcome to contribute regardless of their business background. Trucking Australia 2013 will be held at Hamilton Island on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June.

Details and prices for the event can be seen HERE.