Friday, March 13, 2015

World's Largest Mobile Harbour Crane Ideal for Container and Bulk Freight Efficiency

Over 300 Tonnes per Lift and Twenty Two Rows of Boxes Makes Liebherr's Latest a Leviathan
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRIA – WORLDWIDE – Under the appropriate strap line ‘Size Does Matter’ crane manufacturer Liebherr has launched its latest, and biggest ever, mobile harbour crane, in fact the new LHM 800 is now the largest such crane on the market with an extraordinary lifting capacity of up to 308 tonnes, plus the ability to service container ships with 22 wide rows of stacked boxes. The giant machine can also handle bulk freight up to a rate of a staggering 2,300 tonnes per hour.

Liebherr says the LHM 800 is the mobile solution for ever growing vessel sizes and heavy industrial goods, taking container, bulk and general cargo handling to the next level. The flagship crane possesses unique dimensions and capabilities outperforming all existing mobile harbour crane models. The new crane can be fitted with SmartGrip®, Liebherr’s self-learning technology for optimized grab filling rates to boost bulk cargo rates far beyond what was formerly possible.

The new model surpasses its predecessor, the LHM 600, with an ability to handle a maximum capacity of over 100 tonnes more per lift and, in addition to single lifts, the new LHM 800 is also designed for tandem lifts. With Liebherr’s tandem operation tool Sycratronic® activated, synchronized movement is guaranteed and one crane driver can simultaneously operate both cranes for improved speed, capacity and safety. In tandem operation with a second LHM 800 the maximum lifting capacity is boosted to 616 tonnes!

Mobile harbour cranes are increasingly viewed as the utility workhorses in any port operation and container handling ability is an essential part of their make-up. With an enormous outreach of 64 metres, the LHM 800 is able to efficiently service large container vessels whilst managing an outstanding work rate by hoisting and lowering containers at 120 metres per minute. This allows for 38 boxes per hour in standard configuration and even 45 boxes per hour if the crane is equipped with Liebherr’s hybrid power booster Pactronic®.

Seeing the size of container vessels growing in the past few years, and the adapt or die philosophy of many of the world’s deep water ports, Liebherr believe the new crane represents a new opportunity for many ports in the world to add a mobile and versatile solution to their cargo handling fleet, allowing for more flexibility and more capacity.