Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Who Should Road Haulage Sector Vote For in UK Election?

Analysis of Which Party Offers Most to Freight Carriers
Shipping News Feature
UK – Never backward in coming forward FairFuelUK says it has been the only Motorists Campaign Group to ask all the General Election Candidates where they stand on issues that affect UK's 37 million drivers, including all those most affected, the road haulage operators which deliver freight to the entire country every day of the year. FairFuelUK has called on all Parties to be more honest about their post-election plans for fuel tax, emissions and the future of diesel powered trucks and cars.

The group says that Westminster rumours are rife that increases in fuel taxes, congestion charges, diesel taxes, parking hikes and more are indeed being planned for after the election tomorrow in what it terms the scandal of perennial profiteering at the pumps. The survey conducted came to the following conclusions:

Based on the number of responses from 240 Conservative Party Candidates the Conservative Party appears to be the best Party for drivers, white van man and the haulage industry with all Tory candidates wanting to see a cut (66.67%) or freeze (33.33%) in fuel duty with only 27.50% of Labour candidates polled wanting a cut. In fact it claims 1 in 8 Labour candidates want to see fuel duty increased. All Tory Candidates disagree with the Lib Dems plan to ban diesels by 2025. Nearly 9 out of 10 SNP Candidates did not want to comment on a diesel ban.

96% of UKIP and 73.33% of Tory Candidates do not support a toxic tax policy. 42.5% of Labour, 59.62% of Lib Dems and 88.37% of the Greens want to introduce an urban toxic tax. UKIP, Labour and the Tories lead the way on wanting to explore other solutions to lowering emissions instead of toxic tax hikes.

The Conservatives and the SNP want to see the same spend on HS2 put into UK Roads infrastructure whilst all parties led by the SNP, and except the Greens want to see a PumpWatch body to protect consumers from opportunistic pricing at the pumps. The Green Party want to hike taxes, not build new roads, introduce toxic taxes, ban diesels and not protect pump profiteering at the pumps. Motoring Journalist & FairFuelUK Spokesman, Quentin Willson, said:

“Voting for a party that increases fuel duty, reduces road building, bans sales of all diesel cars and vans and increases taxes for drivers’ means you will be helping sign a death warrant for the UK economy. With Brexit, rising inflation, epic congestion and economic inertia the last thing the UK needs are ill-informed politicians who will burden our transport-based economy with higher costs. This election isn’t about political ideologies but keeping our fragile economy moving.”

One of the main bones of contention for FairFuelUK, a body historically supported by both the Road haulage Association (RHA) and Freight Transport Association (FTA), regarding this matter has been the cloak of silence which has enveloped all the contestants prompting founder Howard Cox to observe:

“It seems Tory Party Candidates in our survey are against fuel tax hikes or further demonisation of diesel in the next Parliament. Good news perhaps, but, the lack of policies for motorists and small businesses in the party manifestos remains very chilling. Why the secrecy? What is the next Government planning so covertly for hard-working families and white van drivers after June 8. Are they to remain the Treasury's cash cows for the next 5 years and have to put up with the highest of taxes and lack of investment in our roads?”