Friday, April 3, 2020

Weekly Snippets of News from the Shipping and Logistics Community You Might Have Missed

From Changing Ferry Services to a Particularly Spectacular Tribute for Those Keeping Us Going
Shipping News Feature

BALTIC SEA – Due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, Viking Line will continue to keep services on the Baltic Sea at a reduced level. Four of the company's seven vessels will sail primarily with cargo between Finland and Sweden, the Åland Islands and Estonia to ensure security of supply. Passenger traffic has virtually come to a standstill following the authorities' restrictions. Demand for cargo transport remains high.

Traffic between Helsinki and Stockholm will be suspended until at least May 13 as will cruise traffic from Stockholm to Mariehamn. Traffic with Viking XPRS, which normally sails between Helsinki and Tallinn, will be suspended until at least April 30. Viking will contact customers affected by the cancelled departures. Free re-booking and cancellation apply for booked trips. Customers are encouraged to wait for this contact due to great pressure on the customer service. More info on refund and rebooking can be found on the website.

AUSTRALIA – Nine Adelaide based female high school teachers are soon to complete a TAFE SA welding course they hope will help inspire more young women to pursue careers in naval shipbuilding. The nine are a mix of design and technology teachers, course co-ordinators and art teachers from one catholic school and six government high schools. The South Australian capital Adelaide is at the centre of Australia’s $90 billion National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.

The first ramp up in demand for skilled workers such as welders in the shipbuilding program is expected next year when Australia’s $35 billion Hunter Class Frigate Programme begins in earnest and the course aims to arm teachers with skills to help them inspire their female students to consider a career in the welding trade, which has been traditionally dominated by men.

MEXICO – Dachser’s operation in the country provided air transport for more than three million surgical and respiratory masks to Germany to help combat the spread of Covid-19. The fully loaded B787/9 airliner represents Dachser Mexico’s first-ever international charter flight. These masks play a critical role in keeping people safe as they provide respiratory protection by reducing the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles.

US – Doleco USA, the subsidiary of German based manufacturer of lifting, sling and load-securing technologies Dolezych, has introduced its new, patented DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder to the US market. The system, which can be seen in this video, uses a hollow bolt system enabling it to fit in smaller spaces, yet expand further, when tensioning a load.

With driver required to inspect and re-tension loads after 80 miles and then frequently again during a trip, the new device removes the problem of tensioners slackening off and having to be removed and reaffixed, thus saving time and the potential for accidents with loads such as steel pipes.

GERMANY – TURKEY – Imperial Logistics has entered into a partnership with Turkish freight forwarder M Ekspres (known as MEX), which will see the creation of a new multi-modal freight management business housed within Imperial’s freight management capability, specialising in traffic to, from and transiting Turkey.

The business will be based in Istanbul and will provide air and ocean import and export forwarding services to existing clients of both Imperial and MEX, as well as new customers. In addition, it plans to leverage the fast-growing range of global destinations served from Istanbul’s new airport, as a gateway for traffic to the African continent.

UK – Our picture shows the tribute paid by the London Container Terminal at The Port of Tilbury as part of the 8pm Clap for Carers event on Thursday night (April 2). The crew undertook a major container reshuffle of 137 boxes containers to create a tribute to the NHS workers and all the other key workers keeping vital services going for us all.

And if you think banging a pan with a spoon, or clapping your hands out of the window made a racket, take a look at this video taken on the stroke of 8pm as the event unfolded!