Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Water Borne Equipment Tour a Success for Fork Lift Truck Maker and Partners

Rhine Tour was a Trade Show with a Unique Style Hitting Four Countries
Shipping News Feature
EUROPE – The grand trip which saw forklift truck maker Hyster, accompanied by specialist container producer CakeBoxx Technologies hit the road, or rather the water, has come to an end having seen the range of equipment from the two companies, and a host of others, complete the 'Rhine Tour', with both enthusing about the fact they were able to show off their wares across four countries along the inland waterway.

The secure CakeBoxx equipment was there to safely store and demonstrate the flexibility and range of the truck makers products and Stuart Clark from CakeBoxx said the Tour was great success for both companies with a lot of interest en route and the pair were now working together as partners on a number of projects.

Hyster had the lead role in the floating showcase and were pleased to welcome hundreds of guests during the four events who witnessed the company’s equipment and related solutions in real inland terminal applications. As well as demonstrating a wide range of innovative equipment for handling from ship to store, the events focused on a variety of custom options, accessories, attachments and services, including solutions from several Hyster partners. Mark Nailer, Industry Manager for Hyster Europe, explained:

“Inland terminals are all very different, so it’s vital to not only select the right materials handling equipment, but also the most suitable options beyond the trucks themselves. Many of the diverse options showcased at the events can be applied across various types of trucks in many different industries to help maximise efficiency and maintain a low cost of operation.”

The Hyster trucks offered the opportunity to see equipment in action from partners such as Orlaco which produces camera technology to assist drivers, and devices such as Radar Eye, an active detection system, which uses an alarm to alert drivers to obstacles. Pyroban is a company we have mentioned previously in its role of making equipment used in hazardous areas safe, to prevent fires and explosions in chemically charged atmospheres, along with DAFO fire suppression systems.

In addition to CakeBoxx’s unique two-piece ‘deck and lid’ shipping containers there were Houcon ramps for stuffing boxes, and specialist attachments such as Double Pallet Handlers and Container Rotators from Meyer and Bolzoni, both of which enable the Hyster trucks to meet varied and changing needs.

Product placement didn’t stop there on what was effectively a water borne tradeshow. Shell got a look in with its LubeAnalyst which enables extended hydraulic oil change intervals, whilst Continental got the nod for their tyres, particularly when coupled with the Hyster stabiliser system to extend tyre life through less wear.

For Mark Nailer a vote of thanks went out to Ceva, the chosen logistics partner which transported a variety of equipment via multimodal links to the different countries, whilst the Hyster crew experienced first-hand the real-life challenges of loading and unloading a barge.