Friday, August 14, 2015

Wastewater Treatment Systems Vary from Ocean Going Freighters to Inland Waterway Energy Platforms

Caspian Sea Rig Demanded a Bespoke Solution
Shipping News Feature

CZECH REPUBLIC – DUBAI – CASPIAN SEA – ACO Marine, the Czech Republic headquartered subsidiary of the German based ACO group, has been developing two waste water processing systems over the past five years to be approved by Bureau Veritas and meet the latest IMO Type standards. Now one of the systems, a bespoke version of the company’s new Clarimar MF wastewater treatment plant, has been selected for supply to the CFT 623 wellhead platform under construction for Dubai’s Dragon Oil. IMO Regulations for freight and passenger vessels vary, as do those for inland waterways, and the new system is headed for the largest enclosed body of water in the world.

The platform to which the Clarimar MF system is being fitted lies in the ecologically sensitive Caspian Sea, and the stringent environmental regulations governing oil and gas production in the region meant the end-user required a system proven to meet these. The specially adapted Clarimar MF-2 has capacity to treat 3.5m3 of black and grey wastewater a day and features a sludge tank for liquid discharges from drilling operations and thus fitted the bill perfectly.

The system ACO Marine will supply in September has double piping and system componentry, and is manufactured from durable PPFR composite which, unlike coated black steel, is light weight and completely resistant to corrosion. The system, type-approved by Bureau Veritas according to the new, very specific, IMO MEPC 227 (64) requirements, incorporates a unique ‘Bio-Sword’ filtration technology capable of replacing the settling and chlorination stages found in more traditional biological wastewater treatment systems. ACO Marine Managing Director Mark Beavis said:

“The Bio-Sword allows the system to operate in environments with bio-mass concentrations up top four times greater than conventional plants, greatly reducing activation tank volume, system footprint and maintenance requirements. The offshore oil and gas sector is an important market for ACO Marine. We have delivered a number of systems for installation to offshore rigs in the past, but this is the first offshore contract we have received for the new Clarimar MF. This prestigious contract will open the door of opportunity to supply equipment to other offshore projects.”

Dragon Oil awarded a contract for the engineering, construction, and installation of the Turkmenistan based Dzheitune (Lam) E wellhead and production platform in February 2015, with a completion date of 2016 when it will presumably join other Dragon rigs operating in the Turkmen Cheleken Contract Area. The Emirates National Oil Company Ltd has recently launched a cash bid to acquire all Dragon shares.