Saturday, February 13, 2010

Waste Export Shipping Scandal Gets A Result From Court

Registered Waste Broker Slapped with Huge Costs - and More to Follow
Shipping News Feature

UK – BRAZIL – The scandal of waste matter emanating from the UK and being shipped to Brazil which we revealed last August has produced the first legal sanctions. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) have been successful in their Court case to recover costs from Worldwide Biorecyclables, a South Marston, Swindon waste management broker registered with the Environment Agency. MMSC lodged a civil lawsuit against the company and were awarded £731,615 to cover the fines they received from the Brazilian authorities, the cost of returning the 91 freight containers and other costs.

In July inspectors in Brazil discovered the cargo declared as recyclable plastic materials was in fact toxic and human waste which was returned to the UK on the MSC Serena where it was met by Environmental Agency officials. The High Court resolution is only the first case the waste company will face as the Environmental Agency’s own criminal case is pending.

Three Worldwide Biorecyclable staff were arrested after case details came to light but one of the directors has stated the company no longer exists and all staff had been dismissed and an appeal was being considered.