Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Warnings To Shipping As New Storm Rises

Hurricane Update Shows Bad Weather Globally
Shipping News Feature

CANADA – ATLANTIC COASTS – WORLDWIDE - Following our revue of Hurricanes last week there is now a likelihood of another named storm arising in the Atlantic in the next few hours as a depression, typical of the season, builds in the area causing high winds which may prove to be the birthplace of Lisa, the 12th titled storm this season. The thirteenth tropical depression in the Northwestern Pacific is also currently forming. Meanwhile Hurricane Igor continues north east toward Canada having by passed west of Bermuda with less than expected damage to the territory. The storm caused several smaller vessels to run aground, including a local ferry, knocked out electricity on the island and caused minor property damage.

Shipping off Newfoundland is advised that, although reduced in power, Igor still presents a threat as a tropical storm with winds around 75 mph. Severe swells are anticipated along the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada as Igor passes. Meanwhile Hurricane Julia, having reduced in intensity over the ocean, is expected to dissipate in the next few hours but vessels in the area are advised to keep a weather eye open.

Hurricane Karl killed at least twelve people in Mexico yesterday when it landed also causing severe weather conditions across Texas with widespread flooding in the entire area. Up to half a million people have been affected mainly in the regions around Vera Cruz where up to 100,00 had to be evacuated from their homes. The death toll is likely to rise significantly as rivers burst their banks following on in what was already a near record wet season.

Worldwide the bad weather continues to endanger and inconvenience freight vessels and general shipping alike with storms in Australia disrupting the loading of bulk coal and ore carriers, a tropical cyclone warning 200 kilometres off the Hong Kong coastline and vessels in Singapore dragging anchor as the monsoon persists.