Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Warning to US Maritime Communities as Hurricane Season Approaches

Coast Guard Plans Should be Heeded and Put into Practice
Shipping News Feature
US – A timely hurricane preparedness warning from the Captain of the Port (COTP) of New York should also be heeded by other coastal communities in danger from the sudden onset of violent storms which abound at this time of the year. Whilst those at sea aboard all types of vessels tend to keep a weather eye open whatever the season the Captain has recommended a series of actions to ensure the New York and New Jersey maritime communities are prepared in the event of hurricane conditions affecting the area.

The Coast Guard COTP New York’s Hurricane and Severe Weather Plan should be reviewed regularly to stay abreast of the current situation. All crew and staff to be trained in procedures at the onset of a hurricane, this includes the oft forgotten instructions for removing and securing potential sources of pollution. The Standard Severe Weather Practices for the COTP New York Zone are in place throughout the year but at this time the COTP may introduce additional restrictions based on current or predicted conditions.

Each waterside community should check with their own local authorities and Coast Guard to ensure they are ready for whatever nature should throw at them this year.

In other coastal news, far to the south a shrimp boat has sunk in the channel at Port Arthur, Texas, closing it completely. The Coast Guard is attempting to rectify the situation as the Sabine River Pilots cannot take vessels to or from the port and until the vessel is cleared all traffic is suspended.

Photo: More than ten years on the horrors of Hurricane Katrina still linger.