Thursday, May 13, 2010

Warehousing Update For US And UK Customers

New Systems Improve Location and Distribution of Shipments
Shipping News Feature

UK - US – News this week, from both sides of the Atlantic, of developments in the world of stock control, which may be of interest to any supply chain professionals, shipping and forwarding groups and indeed anyone who operates a transit warehouse. Firstly ATMS, producers of warehouse management control systems for over 25 years and recently to be seen at Multimodal 2010, have announced a Warehouse Management Systems Workshop in Birmingham, West Midlands on the 26th May.

Entry is free but interested parties should contact ATMS on 0121 628 9000 (+44 121 628 9000 outside the UK) or email them at as places are restricted. Topics covered will include receipting, traceability, use of bar coding and radio data terminals, perpetual inventory, quality control plus the latest voice picking systems and the use of radio tags (RF –ID).

Over in the US, TECSYS, another warehouse management through technology specialist, tell us they are delighted at the response to their recent showing at NA2010. With offices in the North and South Americas plus Europe the company are promoting their visual technology systems which use graphic images to ensure that the right goods are selected from the correct location.

TECSYS expound the theory that a picture being worth a thousand words means location of goods using visual, as opposed to aural or textual, means of identification alone, speeds up the supply chain process and ensures correct location of the required items for shipping, packing etc.

A search of the above links to each of the company’s websites gives an up to date picture of where the industry stands at this moment in time.