Tuesday, January 17, 2012

War Zones Can Be Productive for Multimodal Freight and Logistics Groups

Another Large Contract Heads for Afghanistan
Shipping News Feature

AFGHANISTAN –EUROPE – Unfortunately there is nothing like a war zone or an area of political conflict to generate large volumes of work for those in the freight and logistics sector and the recent situation in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan has proved no different. We have witnessed several Middle Eastern headquartered companies responsible for lucrative contracts, Kuwait based Agility still has an ongoing dispute with the US Government only to be succeeded by Anham, and now their fellow countrymen at Move One Logistics has unveiled their latest project to Afghanistan.

The Dubai based company has begun a multimodal contract shipping over 2,000 pallets to locations throughout Afghanistan. The pallets, which include food trays, paper cups, paper plates, etc., are expected to reach their destinations by early March having travelled by rail and truck freight and ocean shipping from Port Batummi in Georgia. The contract will utilise between 80 and 100 rail wagons plus up to 100 trucks. Miklos Papp, Move One’s Warehouse Supervisor outlined the route taken saying:

“From Batummi, we will send the cargo to Baku, Azerbaijan by rail and onwards to Aktau in Kazakhstan by sea. Rail is then used again from Aktau to Termez, Uzbekistan and finally, the cargo will be delivered to different locations in Afghanistan by truck after transiting the Hairaton border.”

Move One maintain offices throughout Central and Eastern Europe having a presence in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan as well as Georgia.

Photo: Pallets undergoing packing before commencing their journey.