Friday, January 14, 2011

Wake Up Freight And Shipping Interests In The Central African Republic, Chad and North Korea!

(What Exactly Are You Waiting For?)
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – It is one of the Handy Shipping Guide’s small vanities that we keep a casual eye on our readership. Nothing Big Brother you understand but it is nice to know that now a quarter of a million people use our services we have an idea where they emanate from.

For a while we have boasted that we are read in two hundred and twelve countries but it has taken one of our internet savvy readers (Geek! - Heaven forfend) to point out that we actually now have a presence in two hundred and eighteen countries. According to our source (and don’t quote us please) that leaves just three recognised states as missing from our lists which, as you will have guessed by the headline are (in no particular order) the Central African Republic, Chad and North Korea.

Unfortunately although at least one of our 40,000 or so free line listings advertises services to the first two it appears none of you want to let on that you can actually ship cargo to, or from, North Korea. Tricky though it may be our editorial team are willing to bet that someone somewhere runs a service to Pyongyang.

So wherever and whoever you are, we suspect one of our Chinese connections are favourite, let us know and put us out of our misery. Unlike philatelists there is a good chance there will be a day when we have added every possible, IT friendly country on earth to our readership, and we think that’s a target worth aiming at.

Editors Note: With this sort of coverage, and our advertising rates, why don’t you speak to our staff about the global promotion of your business? Provided it’s freight or logistics related we can offer everything from a suitable free line listing in the guide to an animated banner on every news story or guide page. Just fill in the ‘Advertise Free’ section or drop an e mail to