Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Volvo Trucks Consolidate Advice Services to Assist Road Haulage Freight Operators

New North American Facility Brings Together Headquarters Based Teams
Shipping News Feature

NORTH AMERICA – As economic times get harder so too does the trucking business, and therefore the truck manufacturers have to guarantee more to customers to back up their normal service levels. For road haulage operators keeping a wagon on the road to haul the freight is the prime objective and they need to know they can get assistance 24/7 in case of difficulties. Now Volvo Trucks has opened its new North American Uptime Center, bringing together key resources to ensure that customers’ trucks keep moving throughout the US and Canada.

The 123,000 square-foot Uptime Center consolidates the people and systems needed to monitor and respond to vehicle issues in real time, help dealers troubleshoot difficult cases and find the necessary parts for repair. The operational teams responsible for customer Uptime had been in different locations in Greensboro, North Carolina, where Volvo Trucks’ North American headquarters is located. A key benefit of the Uptime Center is that Uptime support employees now can frequently and easily interact with one another face-to-face, allowing increased flexibility and faster response times. Göran Nyberg, President, Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing, observed:

“Bringing these professionals together under one roof allows them to collaborate and prioritise more quickly and effectively. We owe it to our customers to make our superior service and support even better. They don’t make money if their trucks are not running.”

Volvo Trucks dealers are key to customer Uptime as they carry out most of the service support required to keep trucks moving. Today, Volvo has 356, Class 8 dealer locations throughout North America. And just as Volvo Trucks is improving its own capabilities, so are its dealers. Since 2010, Volvo dealers have invested $411 million, and more than 50 new facilities are either planned or underway. The investments have resulted in 50% more technicians, including a 150% increase in the number of Volvo master technicians. Service bay capacity has risen by 34%, while spare parts inventories are up 37% and the number of parts department employees has increased 68%.

Drivers or operators can ring the Uptime Center round the clock to speak to a member of the Volvo Action Service team who can quickly manage service, schedule repairs, and tackle any other issue that happens on the road. The agents also rely on the work of product reliability engineers, who are responsible for diagnostics, developing service information and dealer tools, and ensuring issues are addressed.

Other members of the Uptime Center team focus on assisting the dealer in helping the customer. Dealer support personnel help troubleshoot challenging cases, manage warranty claims, and resolve information technology issues. Parts specialists assist dealers in sourcing and managing parts, and work with suppliers and production plants to fulfill orders. The agents also operate and manage ASIST, a web-based tool for monitoring and managing vehicle status and the interaction among customers, dealers and Volvo, including Remote Diagnostics activity, plus managing Volvo’s telematics-based proactive diagnostic and repair planning system itself.