Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vietnam Customs Find Cash In Shipping Container

Authorities Want Tape Shipment Mystery Wrapped Up
Shipping News Feature

VIETNAM – Most of those involved in freight forwarding and logistics have had to handle some unusual shipments. Over years varied and interesting cargoes are the consignments that tend to linger in the memory and smuggled goods even more so. But how many among us can remember opening the cartons from a 20 foot container to discover – wads of cash.

Customs authorities in the Viet Huong Industrial Zone in the province of Binh Duong will never forget opening a seemingly unremarkable carton of sealing tape from the Jorn Technology company in a dockside inspection yesterday. According to reports in Saigon media the $400,000 in cash was said to be en route to Taiwan and management representatives of the company claim some had been borrowed with the balance bought in Cambodia, Vietnamese banks being unable to supply such an amount in US currency. They stated the money was to pay for supplies from their mother company. 

Jorn Technology maintains facilities in mainland China as well as Vietnam and Taiwan, where the company is based. The cash is apparently being retained by the Binh Duong State Treasury whilst the little matters of origin, destination and ownership are resolved.