Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Very Narrow Racking Aisles Aid Logistics Group to Maximise Pick, Pack and Distribution

Electric Articulated Fork Lift Technology Increases Warehouse Storage Capacity
Shipping News Feature
UK – When operating a logistics facility which has a client base so diverse it includes leading clothing manufacturers, food suppliers and a Premier League football club, storage has to be fast, efficient and, most of all, optimise every cubic inch of storage space. When Daygard Logistics took on its latest addition to the group's property portfolio, it turned to very narrow aisle racking served by Flexi articulated VNA reach truck technology from Narrow Aisle Ltd.

Before Daygard could move in, the facility required significant refurbishment, including the conversion of part of the building’s storage area into office accommodation. To ensure that the addition of the office space did not compromise the site’s pallet storage capacity, Daygard reconfigured a large part of the warehouse’s footprint around that narrow aisle storage system. Daygard director, Rory Munday, observed:

“The Flexi articulated VNA truck is able to operate in aisles that are literally less than half the width required by a traditional counterbalanced truck which means we have not lost storage capacity, despite dedicating a large part of the new site to administrative operations. The Flexi electric-powered articulated trucks reputation for exceptional reliability and rapid battery change-over capability, was a significant influence on our decision to choose the Flexi.”

The narrow aisle storage cube at Daygard’s West Thurrock store offers 1000 pallet locations: aisles are just 2.0 metres wide with each pallet rack filled to roof level and the facility is used to store fashion clothing on behalf of a leading manufacturer prior to picking, packing and onward distribution to the client company’s retail stockists.

Just one Flexi VNA truck, an electric-powered AC1000 model, undertakes the overwhelming majority of the pallet handling operations within the store. Like all models in the Flexi range, the truck is fitted with elastic rubber tires and is able to operate safely both inside and outside the warehouse, which means that Daygard is able to employ a single Flexi to unload and load vehicles and put away and pick pallet loads within the racking.

The Flexi AC VNA truck in operation at Daygard’s West Thurrock site features Narrow Aisle’s simple cassette battery changing and 6.5 hour charging technology that delivers multi-shift availability and ensures that the truck is available around the clock if required. The truck has been provided on a rental agreement that covers all planned maintenance, safety inspections and repairs. John Maguire, managing director of Narrow Aisle, commented:

"We are delighted that Daygard chose our Flexi articulated reach truck to operate at the company’s new VNA storage facility in West Thurrock and glad that the company is using proven and reliable Flexi truck technology as the ideal intralogistics solution for its fast-growing business.”