Monday, November 2, 2020

Vehicle Transport Report Looks at Avoidable Accidents in Specific Branch of Logistics

Working Group Releases Comprehensive Assessment
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EUROPE – The Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG) represents the interests of some 130 companies involved in the finished vehicle logistics industry which provide multimodal transport and post-production services to manufacturers, importers, car rental companies and vehicle leasing operators across the EU and beyond. Now the ECG has produced a safety report specifically aimed at road transport operations.

The ECG Health & Safety Working Group 2019 survey has led to publication of a report ‘Making the industry Safer - Reducing accidents in FVL, 2019 incidents & analysis’ focusing on incidents or occurrences which had a high potential to result in a significant accident and which occurred during loading and unloading operations on car transporters. The aim of this first report is to promote industry-wide knowledge about the most common accidents and to enhance prevention through useful recommendations.

Through its online incident reporting tool the association collected anonymised incident reports from members and categorised the incidents in ‘slips, trips, falls and other’, ‘roll-offs’ and ‘falls from height’. It was found that, as so often in all branches of the logistics sector, most accidents are avoidable if drivers follow safety procedures correctly. Earlier this year, the Working Group also published detailed guidance on safe loading processes and safe yard design.

Speaking to over 100 participants at a webinar to present the report, co-chair of the working group and general manager for vehicle logistics at Toyota Motor Europe, Steve Thomas, said:

“If we all follow the safe working method and if we all create safe loading environments, we can make this industry a safer industry.”

A total of 85 incidents were uploaded to the database in 2019 for analysis. However, ECG is calling on the vehicle logistics industry to submit as many reports as possible, including near misses that almost led to a serious accident. Mike Sturgeon, Executive Director, ECG commented:

“Unless we capture a majority of incidents, we cannot provide accurate, informative analysis and feedback. It is in everyone’s interest to do all we can to improve Health & Safety and to learn collectively as an industry and to reduce accidents” said.

All Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), compounds and terminal operators including car manufacturers are invited to contribute to the report. Confidentiality and anonymity of all data is guaranteed.