Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Van Drivers Beware or Reap the Road Rage Revenge of the Single Cyclist

Misogynists Learn Sexist Behaviour Has Consequences
Shipping News Feature
UK – We’ve covered on many occasions, tragically, the issue of cyclist’s being killed in London by freight vehicles, emphasising the disproportionate numbers of these casualties who are women. Now this video, which has gone viral, is showing that one woman at least is a threat to commercial vehicles in the capital! The video, captured by a following motorcyclist’s helmet cam, shows a van pulling across the woman at traffic lights before the men on board start to hassle her, asking for her phone number and mocking her when she swears at them.

The van then pulls away but soon pulls over into a parking spot. The cyclist catches up to the vehicle and, in quite an impressive feat, rips the driver side wing mirror off before riding off at speed.

The video has caused some controversy. Some have accused it of being faked (in which case it’s very well done!) whilst the actions of cyclist has created divided opinion. Some commentators argue that her actions represent criminal damage and ask what would happen if the sexes of the participants were reversed. However, most posts on social media about the affair strongly support the woman, stating that the van passenger’s actions were completely inappropriate and that they got their just desserts.

It remains to be seen if any criminal proceedings will be taking place over the video but it certainly is a lesson that road users, whoever they are, should stay polite to one another. Our opinion – well we have to remain neutral as ever, which we promise to do as soon as we stop laughing.