Friday, June 24, 2011

Used Pallets Exchange Offers Freight Shippers Cheaper Material Costs

Reuse Site Makes for Financial and Environmental Savings
Shipping News Feature

USA – A new website has gone online that should help American shippers cut freight and logistics costs as well as helping them boost their ‘green’ credentials. is the brain child of container manufacturer Flexcon Containers, who report that after being asked daily by clients if they know anyone who wishes to buy used containers and pallets they have decided to solve the problem with a dedicated website.

The website allows both buyers and sellers to access a database with used pallets and containers. Sellers can place unwanted material on the site, enabling them to free up valuable warehousing and storage space without the waste of throwing out perfectly good handling products, whilst if you are a buyer looking for containers or pallets you can be matched with sellers who have great bargains.

And of course, it’s all good for the environment.

Flexcon Containers said in a statement: “We are dedicated to the sale and resale of used containers and pallets. When your business is finished using a container or pallet, we can help you find a buyer.

“Go green by using used or overstock containers & pallets instead of having new product made and save some green too!”