Thursday, May 13, 2010

US Truckers Scared Of Retreads Told To Reconsider

Tire Retread and Repair Bureau Make an Offer to Hauliers
Shipping News Feature

US – CANADA – The Tire (Tyre to UK readers) Retread and Repair Bureau are an organisation devoted entirely to improving the somewhat dubious image of re-vulcanised casings. In the past retreaded truck tires have been blamed for every sort of mishap from blow outs on the motorway to those jagged black strips known in the trade as “road alligators”. Now the Bureau has undertaken to redefine the retread and to pay for the privilege if they can’t convince any truckers who take an interest !

The Tire Retread and Repair Bureau say they are convinced that once you see for yourself how much care goes into producing today’s top quality retreads, you will change your mind about using retreads on your own vehicles. The advances that have been made in retreading in recent years are significant. Improvements in rubber chemistry, fuel-efficient tread designs, non-destructive testing methods such as Shearography and other ways of inspecting a tire before the retread process begins are nothing less than amazing. This is why today’s top quality retreads produced by members of the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau have an adjustment rate as low and in many cases actually lower than that of the best quality new tires.

To convince doubting Thomas’s the Bureau will arrange a tour of a retread plant belonging to one of their members and if you come away thinking it was a waste of your time, whether or not you decide to use retreads, they will make a significant donation to your favourite legitimate charity, no questions asked (they won’t even query why you thought your time was wasted).

The reasoning behind the scheme is simplicity itself, retread tyres can cut any fleet owners costs by a factor of up to 50%, there are environmental considerations, and the latest technology involved in the reviving modern industry can offer real benefits. If you don’t have time for a tour the Bureau will supply you with a CD/DVD pack showing the processes now used (but you can’t then claim a charitable donation).

Harvey Brodsky is the Managing Director of the Tire Retread and Repair Information Bureau and an avid enthusiast for the products he promotes having driven on them for over thirty years. Interested Canadian and US truckers can call him on 888 – 473 – 8732 (Toll Free) 24 hours a day, or e mail on to order the CD/DVD or arrange a tour. A list of Retread Plant Tours are available here.