Sunday, September 4, 2011

US Truck Group Promotes Tyre (or Tire) Safety

Have You Checked Your Boots Lately?
Shipping News Feature

US – One of the most neglected features of many freight trucking operations is the humble tyre (OK we’ll say tire as this is an American piece). Despite the fact that those ’boots’ are the only thing between the truck, driver, cargo and disaster only too often neglect leads to vehicular damage or, tragically, sometimes much worse.

Now the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) has released the fourth edition of the Council’s best-selling Radial Tire Conditions Analysis Guide. The fourth edition represents the first comprehensive update of the widely popular manual since 2004.

This edition, now available in both CD-ROM and print versions, features many updates to existing repair, retread and wear conditions as well as new conditions, such as those that pertain to wide-base tires. The Guide includes more than 200-color photographs and illustrations, and contains detailed, expert descriptions of every tire failure and service condition known to the industry, including diagonal wear, irregular wear, sidewall separations, the “zipper condition,” and shoulder wear. It shows how to correct the tire failure conditions and what to do with the damaged tire.

The guide is essential reading for any serious trucking operator and, being written by the nation’s top tire experts, is an invaluable failure analysis tool designed for fleet managers and tire professionals as TMC Technical Director Robert Braswell says:

“Tire suppliers and field service engineers can use the Guide to help their customers make informed specification and maintenance decisions, and fleet managers will find the Guide to be an indispensable training tool.”

The Guide is priced at $78.75 (CD-ROM version: Item No. T0372; Print Version: Item No. T0121) for TMC or ATA members and $105 for nonmembers. Discounts for quantities of 10 or more are available. Orders can be placed HERE.