Monday, April 26, 2010

US Show Gives Software Companies A Supply Chain Opportunity

Producers and Shippers Get a Chance to See What is Possible
Shipping News Feature

US – NA2010, the North American Materials Handling Show, which runs until the 29th April at the I-X Center in Cleveland has around 400 companies demonstrating their wares. Amongst these are many examples of how technology pushes forward the ways in which shipping and transport companies need to showcase their products to an increasingly sophisticated audience.

A good example is the number of software design and marketing companies who present products aimed exclusively at those involved in supply chain activities. No longer is it sufficient to persuade the chief buyer with a few photographs over a decent meal. In an ultra competitive field the company which can best express its ideas and achievements will be the most successful candidates for new contracts.

Demo3D, is such an organisation, visitors to their stand at booth #743 at NA2010, will be treated to a demonstration of how computer graphics can simulate what is possible by way of upgrading and enhancing a customer’s product turnaround. The company, with offices in the US and UK, specialises in demonstrating what is achievable in the fields of automated and manual enhancements to materials handling systems.

Such products can be useful both to the manufacturers of cargo conveyor systems to demonstrate their products and to supply chain professionals who wish to persuade potential clients as to the scope of what is practical and manageable.