Tuesday, June 8, 2010

US Rail Software Will Optimise Freight And Passenger Movements

Norfolk Southern and GE Transportation Get the Edge
Shipping News Feature

US – The use of new technology, rail computer software which analyses traffic flow information and planned schedules and then optimizing the routes that train should take has been undergoing tests on a 200 mile stretch of track in Georgia. The system, GE RailEdge Movement Planner, was thoroughly trialled by rail giant Norfolk Southern after an approach from GE Transportation, and the results appear remarkable.

Norfolk Southern is expanding the technology's use to its entire 22-state rail network through 2012. Movement Planner will help Norfolk Southern increase the average network speed train velocity of its trains by 10-20 percent, representing a significant opportunity for cost savings and train delay reductions. The companies say that by integrating railroad logistics with traffic control systems, the technology projects expected track usage, based on train schedules, and then produces an optimized plan to get trains moving faster and more efficiently. By maximizing existing railroad resources, RailEdge also improves railroad crew management availability.

"With railroads, it's about scale," said Wick Moorman, CEO of Norfolk Southern. "GE's RailEdge supports incremental routing and speed improvements down to the individual train level. That will add up to sizeable efficiency gains on a 2,500-train per day, 21,000-route mile system like ours. When we make the best use of our existing transportation infrastructure, that's a competitive advantage for our customers and for the country."

A short promotional video can be viewed HERE.