Wednesday, June 17, 2009

U.S. Military trial Electric Trucks

ZAP commence supply of utility vans
Shipping News Feature

USA - Electric vehicle manufacturer ZAP confirmed today they have begun shipping their Zaptruck XLs, a versatile 100% plug-in electric LSV (low speed vehicle) to several US military bases in the US and in international locations.

ZAP recently announced the addition of enclosed and weatherproof box options for the XL featuring full length side doors with tinted windows, discrete tool bins, space-saving roll-up doors and a top-mounted utility rack. "These new box options for the XL are fabricated in the US and installed in our assembly plant in California," said Steve Schneider, ZAP Chief Executive Officer. He added, "Because the XL qualifies for the Federal tax credit under President Obama's stimulus program, the net purchase price is affordable, attractive and very competitive."

The US government has publicly announced plans to purchase more than $300 million worth of energy efficient and alternative fuel vehicles through the GSA. ZAP has been flooded with bid solicitations from city, county and state government buying authorities wishing to accelerate their adoption of "green" transportation initiatives and whose previous budget constraints have now been lifted. ZAP plans to expand its domestic manufacturing capability through an exclusive contract with Zap Motors Manufacturing in Kentucky. That company has applied to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for a $200 million Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan to build its Kentucky plant. DOE will be allocating $25 billion in such loans to qualified carmakers and suppliers who can build advanced technology vehicles in the U.S.

ZAP has been a leader in electric transportation since 1994, delivering over one hundred thousand vehicles to consumers in more than seventy-five countries. ZAP manufactures a line of electric vehicles, including electric city-cars and trucks, motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. ZAP sells some of the only electric city-speed cars, trucks and vans in production today and is developing a freeway capable electric vehicle called the ZAP Alias.