Thursday, January 7, 2010

US Manufacturers Rise To Challenge Of Zero Emission Freight Terminal Tractor

Vision and Capacity Cooperate on Development
Shipping News Feature

USA - Vision Industries Corp, producers of the zero emission plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell hybrid Tyrano truck, has joined with Capacity of Texas, Inc. to build a Zero Emissions Terminal Tractor (ZETT). The ZETT will be built on Capacity’s existing diesel/electric hybrid platform, the PHETT, and instead will be powered by Visions plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The new joint project represents a smart investment by both companies as ports in the U.S. become increasingly strict on the emission requirements of any vehicle or vessel entering their area of responsibility and potentially offers a major improvement over existing low emission terminal tractors by being designed to operate for two full eight hour shifts without refueling.

Martin Schuermann, President & CEO of Vision stated, “Terminal tractors typically operate in industrial settings in close proximity to heavily populated urban areas. This is a new market sector for Vision and we believe that the marketplace will readily embrace a zero emissions terminal tractor that features significant operating cost savings when compared to conventionally powered diesel terminal tractors.”

Capacity of Texas is currently the largest American owned manufacturer of terminal tractors in North America and obviously hope to maintain and improve upon that position with the development of the ZETT, with the company’s President, Phillip Ford, stating that: “The ZETT is the latest evolution of innovative hybrid technology, combining the advantages of hydrogen fuel cell technology to produce Zero Emissions.

“With the advanced technology that Vision Industries has developed, the ZETT produces its own electricity and never will have to be recharged in the middle of a shift. Fueling of the hydrogen tanks can be accomplished in fifteen minutes.”

He concluded that: “Capacity of Texas is dedicated to environmental stewardship by offering products with the latest technology in green propulsion”.

(pic: Capacity of Texas existing PHETT tractor)