Friday, November 19, 2010

US Group Coordinates EU Supply Chain ID Project

Next Generation RFID for Freight Items
Shipping News Feature

 EUROPE – Bologna based Datalogic Mobile, a global manufacturer of mobility solutions for retail applications is to coordinate a research project funded by the European Commission entitled SELECT (Smart and Efficient Location, Identification and Cooperation Techniques)which focuses on designing an automatic wireless system for identifying and detecting objects in real time within the supply chain. The idea is to produce a new generation of radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices which will upscale the availability of freight and retail items in warehouses and in transit.

The project will give special emphasis to the analysis and application of “environmentally friendly” solutions; for example incorporating passive communication (without using batteries) and leveraging smart cooperation strategies of the technologies already in use. The team's task is to create an innovative wireless system for identifying and locating objects through the use of cutting-edge tags that can be read from distance and that are able to automatically transmit their own identification code and information that locates them within the building or beyond.

The passive tags and the location precision are innovative elements that represent the final targets of the research project. It will also be possible to read the tags with systems working with today’s standards and their structure will be very similar to a current RFID tag, with the aim of obtaining comparable costs. Alongside Datalogic, the work team will comprise another 7 European enterprises, all highly specialized in R&D, wireless, and RFID areas.

SELECT is part of the seventh framework program (2007-2013) for research and technological development promoted by the European Commission. SELECT will be funded for€ 2.85 million over a total period of 36 months. Datalogic Mobile has worldwide presence in over 30 countries and over 800 business partners worldwide. A leader in technology, Datalogic has growing portfolio of over 850 patents, eight research and development centres, and 300 engineers.