Wednesday, February 9, 2011

US Freight Truck News This Week

Stories from the Highway - Step up Ladies - and get Physical + New Infrastructure Praised
Shipping News Feature

US – Our photograph shows the Salute to Women Behind the Wheel in 2010 the annual event when ladies of the road have the chance to meet up with fellow heroines of the highway for a celebration which includes music, refreshments, prizes, and the big event of the day, a photo of all women truck drivers for the world record books. Held in Louisville, Kentucky as part of the Mid-America Trucking Show on the 2nd April by the Women in Trucking Association to recognise the accomplishments of the nation’s freight delivery drivers, any ladies out there who want to register can do so HERE.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) has announced they have included an electronic, web-based network for driver physical examinations as a Featured Product in the ATA Business Solutions line of products and services for the trucking industry. The physical condition of drivers has been proved alongside the condition of a freight truck to be the most important element in the safe carriage of cargo along the nation’s highways.

ePhysical™ , from eScreen incorporated, specialists in new technology drug testing, administers and schedules employee physical exams with completely paperless procedures. From the patient-history questionnaire through the exam and physician review, the process is completely digital. This approach allows employee physical exams to be managed centrally no matter where the exam occurs, permitting the consistent application of company and regulatory standards and continual review of the medical examination process. Warren Hoemann, ATA’s Senior Vice President-Industry Affairs commented:

“Driver fitness is a critical component of safety, for motor carriers with drivers based in multiple locations, ePhysical™ can help them meet government requirements, enhance driver health, and improve safety, while at the same time meeting the demanding schedules of the transportation freight industry.”

The ATA also gave wholehearted support to President Obama’s commitment to rebuilding and renewing the country’s infrastructure, but called on his administration to live up to that commitment by proposing a robust surface transportation program with a strong focus on highways. In a response to the President’s speech on the 7th February committing to providing ‘the fastest most reliable transportation system in the world’ CEO Bill Graves said:

“The U.S. Department of Transportation said late last month that, by any measure, trucks haul the vast majority of the nation’s freight, and America’s trucking industry carries these goods safely, efficiently and faster than any of its competitors. Investing in the nation’s roads and bridges is among the most efficient ways to create jobs and insure the continued competiveness for U.S. businesses.”