Monday, August 8, 2011

US Freight Rate Increase For LTL and Express Cargo Customers

Major Carrier to Up Tariffs from Next Month
Shipping News Feature

US – Today FedEx Freight announced a 6.75% general freight rate increase for cargo carried under their FXF1000 and FXF501 series base rates and additional changes will include absolute minimum charges and accessorial rates and charges. The rates are applicable to all freight within the North American mainland including Canadian and Mexican shipments with increase only applicable to the US carriage leg of Mexican consignments.

FedEx mitigate the increase by stating that their freight fuel surcharges will remain unchanged and claim they are among the lowest in the less than truckload (LTL) sector being at least 22% lower than the next six largest LTL carriers' published fuel surcharge rates based on the average national price of diesel fuel as of 27th July.

Full details of the revised rates will be available on the day which they come into operation, 6th September, on the FedEx website.