Friday, January 14, 2011

US Freight Group Freezes Out Illegal Aliens

Crowley Swat Unwanted Immigrants
Shipping News Feature

US – The Handy Shipping Guide has often reported the growing menace of non indigenous species which can flourish in their new environments and have devastating effects on local ecosystems which are unprepared for the new invaders. It is the responsibility of all those involved in an international supply chain to ensure freight is free from pests, some of which are highly mobile and capable of easy transfer into their new homes, all too often proving impossible to dislodge.

Now there is no excuse for perishable import cargoes coming into South Florida to pose any risk with the latest development by Jacksonville based Crowley Maritime Corporation. The transportation and logistics services group who operate the largest container terminal in Port Everglades have developed and installed its first Highly Mobile Actionable Pest (HMAP) Refrigerated Chamber so that the pests can be contained and prepared for fumigation while retaining refrigerated temperatures.

Fresh fruit and vegetables imported from the tropics often harbour pests that can travel and multiply quickly in South Florida's warm climate. Traditionally, cargo found with highly mobile pests that needed some type of manipulation prior to fumigation have been returned to their country of origin. Now, with Crowley's new HMAP Refrigerated Chamber ,these perishable cargoes can be segregated and prepared for fumigation while maintaining refrigerated temperatures. Crowley's innovation, which is available to all shippers transporting perishable cargo into South Florida's Port Everglades, benefits importers, as the shipment no longer has to be re-exported if such highly mobile creatures are found and manipulation of the cargo is needed.

The new installation exceeds the requirements established by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service US Department of Agriculture (APHIS USDA) and applies to international cargo shipments that have been determined by Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) identifiers to be infested with highly mobile actionable pests.

Crowley also announced two new appointments this week with existing employee Tony Otero made Vice President of Dominican Republic/Haiti and Cuba, Liner Services with additional responsibility for promoting the groups planned RoRo services to the region and Amiee Cords joining as Director of Corporate Information Technology Systems.