Monday, December 21, 2009

US Freight and Parcel Deliveries Impacted By Harsh Weather

UPS and FedEx Both Report Problems
Shipping News Feature

USA – The weekend’s heavy snow and freezing conditions has caused major problems for the north-eastern states of the U.S., with airlines forced to abandon more than 3,000 flights over the weekend. According to the National Weather Service Philadephia experienced its second heaviest snowfall since records began in 1884, with almost two feet of snow falling in one of the worst winter storms in memory.

Parcel carriers and freight trucks are also experiencing problems throughout the whole of the north-east, with FedEx saying they had only limited operations in many areas and expected to have delayed deliveries throughout the day.

UPS also said they had had to stop making pickups and deliveries in Washington, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and Virginia on Saturday due to the weather and expected this to impede service for a period.

Both companies did point out that their services would be returned to schedule as soon as possible but that this was reliant on how quickly local authorities acted to clear roads. With further snow expected, it remains to be seen how quickly this will be achieved.

(pic: How much cube can a dog sled carry?)