Thursday, March 19, 2015

US Cross Border Trade Figures Show Road Haulage Account for Most Freight Movements

Annual Report Says Rail Cargo second behind Trucking in Terms of Value
Shipping News Feature

US – This week saw the latest figures from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics showing the amount of freight shipping across the North and South borders of the US – and the figure for 2014 stands at an impressive $1.2 trillion, up 4.5%. All modes are in the report but again trucking carried the bulk of cargo in terms of value, with those engaged in trans-border trade of the three and a half million drivers employed in the industry accounting for around 60% of that total.

The biggest jump came in that largely unseen category, pipelines, with totals carried up 12.5% to just under 8% of the total, this despite the sharp drop in fuel prices toward the end of the year. The overall figures show a 30% hike in the value of cross border import and export goods carried compared with 2010.

Following trucks, rail accounted for almost 15%, shipping 9% and airfreight 3.7% and, despite road haulage’s impressive percentage of the total its share is still down 3.7% since these records began in 2004. From 2013 to 2014, total U.S.-Canada freight rose 3.8%, the biggest commodity being mineral fuels moved via pipelines, whilst the Mexican totals were up 5.5% with electrical goods and computer equipment the top value shipments.