Thursday, January 14, 2021

US Coast Guard Swing Into Action to Liberate Hijacked...Tikiboat

'Pirate' Reportedly Inebriated
Shipping News Feature

US – The US Coast Guard station at Key West has long been at the forefront of the battle to protect the seas around America’s shores. From drug cartels to the agents of hostile foreign states, the ‘Coasties’ in southern Florida need to be ready for anything. As a result, they were the perfect people to deal with a recent vessel hijacking.

Swinging into action, they took to the boats and, as can be seen from the photograph, soon ran the stolen vessel down, taking the perpetrator into custody.

Which wasn’t particularly difficult because the vessel in question was a Tikiboat.

Capable of reaching speeds as fast as four knots, the floating bar is generally used for more leisurely pursuits. Evidently the would-be pirate, who according to the Coast Guard’s report ‘showed signs of intoxication’, had taken it upon himself to make the most of an unattended boat and have a one-man floating party.

Perhaps the guy simply decided he would simply take ‘self-isolation’ to another level, however, unable to elude his pursuers, he was taken into custody and no doubt will be contemplating his life choices in a cell - along with his hangover.

As the stern Coast Guard statement on the incident said:

“Don’t drink and boat”.