Monday, September 26, 2011

US Cargo Group Agree Preliminary Terms For Irish Air Freight Hub

New Terminal Proposed for Ambient and Refrigerated Cargo
Shipping News Feature

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND – Much as in the UK pressure is being brought to bear to ensure there are no monopolies when it comes to the management of airports within the Republic. In the light of this the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) which manages Shannon airport as well as Dublin and Cork and is state owned, has been searching for ways to secure its future and has now signed a preliminary heads of agreement with air freight group Lynx Global, a major US cargo carrier, to allow the development of a new cargo handling terminal of up to 200,000 square feet.

If the outline plans come to fruition it will mean all of Shannon’s current air freight traffic being transferred to the new facility in a country which is poorly served by air freight opportunities considering its geography, proximity to Europe and the nature of many of its exports, particularly electrical and electronic items and pharmaceuticals, all of which lend themselves well to the air cargo route by nature of their value and urgency.

It is believed management at Shannon, disturbed by the lessening of passenger traffic, is keen to transfer from the state run DAA into private hands and feel that a major air freight hub will secure the airports future. The new development is likely to include facilities for temperature controlled cargo, both frozen and chilled, again considering the local sensitivity and value of local produce, currently under exploited as export material.

Photo: Courtesy of Wolf 32at