Wednesday, August 3, 2011

US Bar Code Experts Write the Book on Warehouse and Freight Tracking Systems

Guide to Stock Control for the Befuddled and Bewildered
Shipping News Feature

US – Anyone who has attempted to rationalise a warehouse stock control system will have run up against the bewildering array of possible options. Controlling the throughput of hundreds or thousands of freight consignments can leave the most level headed of warehouse managers in a flat spin as they pore over reading and writing systems, label materials, RFID scanners etc.

Now Dasko Label, a Massachusetts based supplier of labels, tags and signs for identification and tracking applications says it has launched ‘the most complete reference guide ever written for label projects for warehouse or industrial automation projects’, a bold claim indeed. As Dasko are prepared to offer ‘The Book: Labeling A Warehouse and other Industrial Label Applications’ as they call it to anyone completely free of charge it may well be worth a look for anyone thinking of upgrading their warehouse management system.

Dasko claim that they know the ins and outs of product labelling from bar codes to check digits, long distance scanning to cold storage and they can supply blank labels and tags for printing in thermal, laser and ink jet printers plus they have developed a wide variety of film and retro-reflective label stocks for durable, weatherproof, colour coded or special adhesive applications for any in-house printing requirements.

Interested parties can contact Dasko via their website or by e mailing