Friday, August 16, 2013

US Anti-Piracy Company AdvanFort Appoints British Firearms Training Group

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US – UK – Maritime security provider AdvanFort has appointed Cleveland, UK based Associated Risks Group (ARG) to train British guards in its Maritime Firearms Competency courses. Proper and standardised training is an essential for any team of security personnel which may emanate from different backgrounds and the Washington, DC headquartered company will use ARG services to back up its existing training facilities in the European Union and in the United States which provide training to its NATO-veteran and North American guards who escort shipping on anti-piracy duties.

As well as firearms training to military, police, and security consultants in the UK, ARG currently provides close protection security services to high net worth individuals with plans to offer retail security services, commercial security services, and search dog services. AdvanFort’s senior staff in its UK office personally reviewed ARG’s training centre and reported that they are highly impressed with ARG, its facilities, and instructors, and recommend them to all those in the maritime security industry. Company President William H. Watson commented:

“As the majority of our international guard force comes from Great Britain, ARG is the perfect choice. Following a full evaluation of ARG’s training programmes, including the Maritime Firearms Competency Course, we are very pleased to report that ARG has reached an agreement to become one of AdvanFort's preferred external training providers.”

These enhanced training sessions being utilised by AdvanFort come at a time when the British government as well as flag States are implementing more rigorous guidelines for private maritime security companies. Watson noted that, as of August 1st, minimum UK requirements for maritime security guards mandate that newly discharged British military personnel take a firearms course before receiving their Maritime Firearms Competency Certificates.

Because of the quantity of arms the company stores aboard its Operator Support Vessels (OSVs) and in strategic ports around the world, AdvanFort will also provide in-service firearms training to its guards aboard company-operated vessels. Mr Watson added:

“Training is a top priority for us at AdvanFort, when preparing guards to work aboard client commercial vessels, there is no substitute for practice aboard a pitching deck [and] the firearms certificate needs to be renewed annually by an external training company in order to retain its state of compliance with both British regulations and client requirements.”

You can view part of one of AdvanFort’s firearms training sessions at ARG HERE.