Friday, June 17, 2011

UPS Statement on UK Air Freight Screening Ban

Expects Service to be Back to Normal Next Week
Shipping News Feature

UK – UPS has issued the following statement regarding the ban by the UK government on some of the company’s air freight screening facilities which occurred earlier today:

“Security is a shared responsibility requiring a partnership between private enterprise and governmental authorities around the world. UPS routinely works with all the appropriate agencies and authorities around the world, including the U.K.'s Department for Transport (DfT), to ensure the safety of its network.

“A Department for Transport scheduled review identified areas of concern UPS is working to address. As a result, some facilities in the U.K. have been temporarily taken offline, which in some cases has led to delays in the movement of packages.

“UPS has activated contingency plans, communicated with customers and expects service levels to return to normal early next week.

“In cooperation with the Department for Transport, UPS continues to assess the operation of its U.K. network to ensure full compliance of EU and U.K. security requirements, leading to a higher level of service to its customers.

“Please understand that we cannot reveal any specific details about our security procedures as this would be counter-productive to their effectiveness.

“UPS continues to work with all agencies around the world to maintain and enhance security and to balance necessary protections with the free flow of commerce, just as we have always done.”

The ban came into force today from what the DfT has described as a failure in security requirements at some of UPS’ air cargo screening facilities.