Tuesday, October 11, 2011

UPS Extends Electronic Documentation System to Air Freight Customers

Free of Charge Software Speeds Customs Clearance
Shipping News Feature

US – As predicted UPS has extended its UPS Paperless (SM) Invoice to shippers of larger cargo consignments after successfully trialling it for up to three years on small package shippers in ninety countries world wide. The process increases the pace and efficiency of customs clearance procedures concerned with international air freight movements and the new capability to electronically process shipments is currently available through UPS Internet Shipping and UPS CampusShip(R) software. It will be available through UPS WorldShip(R) in January.

The free-of-charge solution enables customers to increase efficiency by integrating order processing, shipment preparation and commercial invoice data. It then transmits that data in advance of the shipment to customs offices across the globe, eliminating the problems that accompany paper documentation. Because information is stored electronically, customers greatly reduce their chance of making manual errors filling out customs documentation. The tech-enabled service also eliminates the possibility of submitting incomplete paperwork, the main cause of delay for international deliveries.

In a further addition to its services UPS today added 25 new origin countries to its UPS WorldShip shipping software. The availability of this technology option means customers can generate labels and prepare packages for shipping without resorting to pen and paper and is now available in 63 countries and twenty languages.

UPS Claim that since introducing its paperless invoice system it has helped save almost 250 million sheets of paper or the equivalent of 21,650 trees and with the expansion of the system to air freight customers it anticipates those numbers will grow considerably.