Thursday, November 28, 2019

Upgrade for Warehouse Management Solution That Suits Vertical Storage Systems

Acquisition Prompts Technological Boost
Shipping News Feature

SWEDEN – WORLDWIDE – When Weland Solutions acquired Kodverkstan earlier this year part of the deal saw it take possession of warehouse management system (WMS) Compact Store which was originally developed with input from logistics companies. An expanded company IT department led to improvements and brand new features to the product, now being rolled out with the launch of Compact Store 8.0.

The new version has a more contemporary interface and the manufacturer says it is even more future-proof. The WMS system provides support for all operations included in normal inventory management, such as incoming deliveries, combination, prioritising and starting of picking orders, transfer and refilling of items and inventory.

A new feature of this Version 8.0 is put away and storage of incoming goods via Put-To-Light (PTL). This means the customer can use PTL to manage storage, a tool that makes replenishment picking in vertical storage lifts more efficient. Put-to-Light systems are an effective automated sortation method to break larger quantities of product into individual customer orders, using light devices to direct operators to 'put' items. With Compact Store this already exists for order picking, but is now also available for put away.

Additionally, several aspects of the feature for starting an order have been improved. The option to link operators to lifts, faster import of orders and enhanced support for tablets and mobile devices are other new features that users can look forward to after an upgrade.

Compact Store can be used as a completely independent system, but is usually connected to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The ERP system manages finances and Compact Store can be seen as the storage module. To date about 400 have been installed at customer premises and Compact Store has been delivered and linked with most commercially available ERP systems.

Photo: Compact Store ensures that Weland Solutions’ vertical storage lifts are managed efficiently and effectively.