Thursday, May 12, 2016

Uniquely Designed Shipping Container Extends its Range of Functions

ISO Sized Boxes Now Provide Double Height Facilities
Shipping News Feature
US – UK – WORLDWIDE – CakeBoxx Technologies, creators of innovative door-less shipping container, has now developed the two-storey ‘Q-Boxx’, which uses the patented CakeBoxx design to provide double height/two storey living/working space, to join the company’s unique range of boxes, which have been designed to provide increased security and improved business process to the global supply chain whilst conforming exactly to ISO specifications.

The unique design of the standard size boxes have proved useful for the shipment of any valuable cargo. The specially engineered deck is designed to carry heavy, top and side-loaded machinery and project cargo shipments that require extreme strength, hardware mounts or under-deck additions whilst the lid design seals and secures the container contents entirely, making unauthorised access and theft virtually impossible.

Now, using the CakeBoxx top-lift containers, organisations that wish to provide work/living space can do so with the new Q-Boxx which provides double the available space on the same footprint, avoiding the need to purchase two standard containers with doors to perform the same task. With the provision of internal stairs, access to the upper floor is integral in Q-Boxx with no requirement for additional doors or an external stairway assembly, therefore reducing costs and providing a more comfortable living/working environment.

Q-Boxx can be transported and installed onsite with limited effort and is sold either in a standard version, customised to the client’s exact needs, or provided in base format for the customer’s in-house build specifications. This means the potential number of applications and options for the Q-Boxx cover a vast range of possible outcomes. The raising of the Q-Boxx upper level can be either by conventional container lift methods or by an integral hydraulic lift system as an option. All the lifting and locking is made simple and secure to minimise handling and maintenance requirements, reducing installation costs while maximising site space and use.

When not in use, the Q-Boxx can be fully closed and locked as with a normal CakeBoxx container and stored or shipped ready for its next task or application. Due to the fact that there are no doors or windows accessible when fully shut down, Q-Boxx is protected against vandals and theft of contents, exactly like a standard CakeBoxx container.

Photo: A standard CakeBoxx container with (inset) an artist’s impression of a bespoke two storey solution.