Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Unique Shipping Containers Offer More than One Version of Security

Base and Lid Design Means Ease of Securing Bulky Cargoes Properly
Shipping News Feature
UK – Most people who know about the unique design of the containers produced by CakeBoxx Technologies think immediately of their use as high security boxes. The very fact that the two part units have no doors to be pried open make them a near impossible target for thieves not at least armed with heavy duty angle grinders, not the tools of choice for villains trying to keep quiet.

The versatility of the containers does however offer security of a different kind, giving peace of mind when loading heavy, awkward shaped cargoes such as those associated with the oil & gas, offshore and wider energy industries, hence the company’s presence at the SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition in Aberdeen this week.

The bulky valves, pipes and coils needed to support this heavy industry sector can be loaded, chocked and fully secured much more easily on a flat rack fitted out with sturdy, strategically placed securing points, as opposed to a conventional container. However the ‘lid’ of the CakeBoxx unit, when lowered onto the frame and secured means, even should the worst happen if the box is mishandled, the goods inside should be unable to burst out.

SPE Offshore Europe is a free-to-attend show, recognised by the offshore exploration and production industries as Europe's leading event for that industry. Taking place at the new, state of the art P&J Live venue in Aberdeen, Scotland, the event runs from 3-6 September and CakeBoxx staff will be on hand to answer any and all questions on the company’s products.

Photo: The ‘Coilbox’ version of the CakeBoxx container system in action.