Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Unique Shipping Container Format Now Allows for Online 3D Design by Customer

Plan Your Own Box Configurator for Extra Security and Safety
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Always looking to innovate, manufacturer of their unique 'deck and lid' shipping containers CakeBoxx Technologies has made it even easier for customers to ensure they can order a bespoke unit with all the features they need in pursuit of their business.

The company says that, whilst potential clients are initially drawn to the design of the boxes for a variety of reasons which allow the potential for huge increases in safety, security, and efficiency across all supply chain operations, many are unaware of the range of possibilities and the level of customisation available to suit their special requirements.

To help clients which are looking for containers for their own very special purposes, made to specific sizes and specifications the engineers at CakeBoxx have come up with an online series of 3D configurators.

The technology allows prospective purchasers to experiment with all the features available in full 3D, allowing the container to be viewed from any angle whilst the operator designs the container to their own personal specifications. The direct control allows the opening and closing of the lid, rotation, panning and zoom in and out.

All sizes of containers are catered for and items such doors, lifting points etc. can all be added and removed. Once a full featured design is settled on one can simply click through to obtain a quote for a unit manufactured accordingly. The Cake Boxx Configurator can be accessed HERE.