Thursday, December 15, 2016

Unique Container Design Promoted by Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group

Two Part Box System Useful for Awkward and High Security Cargoes
Shipping News Feature
US – WORLDWIDE – We have followed for some time the progress of specialist ISO container manufacturer CakeBoxx Technologies as the company’s dedication to providing a freight box which stands out from the crowd, and involves a loading system particularly suited to awkward or high security cargoes, is to be applauded. From its move into the European market using container logistics specialist Pentalver, to improvements in security via asset tracking and its expansion to include the making of bespoke units earlier this year, the US headquartered company is now using a well-known freight forwarding and logistics group to promote its products.

CakeBoxx has announced its intention to strengthen its bond with Ceva Logistics which it has used for several years in the US to ship its containers around the globe. Ceva Logistics now hosts and stores CakeBoxx containers at select locations in the US which not only serve as receiving and storage locations for CakeBoxx products, now the respective company teams are co-hosting and supporting the demonstration of the unique two-piece container to CakeBoxx customers prompting Bill Borden, Ceva Logistics Baltimore Station Manager, to say:

“Ceva is really enthusiastic about the innovation CakeBoxx is bringing to the container industry, and its product brings to potential customers here in the United States.”

The first of these demonstrations took place on October 13 at Ceva’s station in the Baltimore, Maryland area. In the near future, Ceva’s Houston, Texas station will begin hosting CakeBoxx products whilst Ceva’s west coast sites are currently being evaluated for continued expansion of the programme. Daine Eisold, CEO CakeBoxx Technologies commented:

“CakeBoxx Technologies has always had a great relationship with Ceva for the movement of our boxes internationally and domestically, so we’re very excited to expand our relationship with them in this way. The Ceva teams at these locations, as they are worldwide, are first class. As a new technology in the container trade, it’s crucial for our customers to understand exactly how our CakeBoxx products work. What better way of doing this than demonstrating them in person alongside the Ceva pros where we can answer questions and talk through all the details.”

Anyone unfamiliar with how the CakeBoxx system actually functions can see it in action via this link.