Friday, December 17, 2021

UK Warehousing Association Steps in to Help with Those Troublesome Tax Matters

Free Assessment Available to Members to Hopefully Lighten the Burden
Shipping News Feature

UK – Like most businesses. Those in the warehousing and logistics sector tend to put on the blinkers when the word tax is mentioned. With a bevy of various duties and charges ranging across a multitude of areas, from VAT to Capital Gains, Corporation Tax to import levies, the subject tends to simply get passed over to a book keeper or accountant while the management get on with the business at hand.

Now the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) in partnership with Associate Member Gateley Capitus, is now offering members a free assessment of their use of the tax incentives available to the sector. This new service enhances UKWA’s existing range of benefits to its membership and ensures that members pay the right amount of tax by claiming all available reliefs, which generate tax savings and in certain circumstances trigger a tax rebate.

The move comes at a good time as Britain’s new tranche of Freeports come on stream, all offering a variety of tax incentives which may be worth considering, as we detailed in a piece last month. Meanwhile, while many may already be claiming capital allowances, R&D tax relief or land remediation relief, UKWA recommends that members should take advantage of this free assessment to ensure that all possible benefits have been claimed.

A recent UKWA survey highlighted that 60% of members are tenants, so capital allowances available to tenants for expenditure incurred on the fit-out and refurbishment of leased properties are particularly relevant. Members will also benefit if they have new projects underway relating to the construction, redevelopment or fit-out of a commercial property, or are embarking on an R&D related investment. Commenting on the offer, Clare Bottle UKWA CEO says:

”Gateley Capitus reflects the breadth of our sector needs, their clients cover a broad spectrum, just as UKWA supports a wide range of members, from SMEs through to large corporates. Clearly, when expert financial support is available free of charge, we are keen for members to find out more and take full advantage of the opportunity.”

Gateley Capitus is an investment and innovation tax consultancy with a warehousing client list that includes blue chip FTSE 100 clients through to small operators offering a value-led service. The new service to UKWA members will be led by Gateley Capitus Associate Director Peter Corley.