Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UK Truckers Warned of Online Scam

New CPC qualification con running on net
Shipping News Feature

UK – Skills for Logistics, the skills council for the UK's freight logistics industries, has issued a warning to British truck drivers of a new online scam involving the new driver CPC (DCPC) qualification that came into effect in the UK on the 10th of September.

The organisation has issued the following statement:

“‘Driver Qualification Exemption Card’ or DQEC is being sold on the internet for £49 and it has no effect on the DCPC requirements and should be ignored. PLEASE DO NOT FALL for the Certificate of Professional Competence online card scam.

Steve Thorp, JAUPT Manager said: “This is an unfortunate development especially as DCPC for the freight logistics sector has just started. My team and I will monitor the situation and will be happy to advise any driver or company about the implications of this and what the DCPC Periodic Training regulations actually mean. We do not want drivers to be spending money on something they don’t need.”

Dr Mick Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Skills for Logistics added: “It is unfortunately a reflection of the internet age that such scams appear. As a sector we need to pull out all the stops to get the message out to our colleagues to expose this scam. We have issued an email alert to the 17,808 organisations on our database and I hope other representative organisations are doing the same.”

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