Friday, January 15, 2010

UK Truck Companies Must Ensure Driver Contracts Up To Date

Working Time Directive 5 Years Old Points out RHA
Shipping News Feature

UK –The Road Haulage Association (RHA) have pointed out that the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations, the agreements which are necessarily in place between truck drivers and their companies, will be five years old in a few weeks. The RHA points out that many companies across the country prepared agreements with their staff at the inception of the statute and therefore need to renegotiate terms before the contracts expire.

“Don’t delay the renewal of these agreements”, said RHA Employment Affairs Director Ruth Pott. “They are absolutely essential to the efficient operation of your business and any members who need help or advice should contact their RHA regional office where staff will be happy to help”.

Agreements were negotiated and secured between employers and employees when the regulations were introduced as a means of introducing some flexibility into specific operations. In general any employers who employ freight delivery and other drivers can agree with their workers to extend the reference period for the average 48 hours working time limit up to a maximum of 26 weeks and agree whether this will be monitored using a fixed or rolling method and be used to exceed the 10 hour limit for night work.