Thursday, March 25, 2021

UK Parcel Carrier Compares Delivery Times Post Brexit

EU Transits Slower but a Better Global Picture
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – Parcel forwarding agent Forward2me has just taken a long look at shipping times to and from the EU post Brexit, and it makes for unhappy, if not entirely unexpected, reading.

First the bad news, according to the Preston based global forwarder shipping times in January compared to December and the preceding months shows a number of interesting trends. The stated average time for imports from the EU to the UK overall stood at 4 days in December 2020. By January this time had doubled to record an 8 day average.

There are several factors of course to account for this, the parcel sector was always going to be especially vulnerable given the uncertainty surrounding documentation required for groupage loads. Forward2me says the cessation of the DPD UK to EU courier service added to the customs clearance debacle.

The company points out that there were variations in the time lag, or otherwise, Luxembourg cut delivery times from 3 days to just 1, however Germany is singled out as one of the company’s prime markets and which showed door-to-door transit times as low as 2.86 days as recently as November rising to 10.46 days in January, a staggering 186% increase in shipping times.

It doesn’t stop there with Bulgaria and Serbia seeing huge increases in shipping times. Bulgaria has grown from an average of 4 days to 19 days in January and Serbia from 2 days to 21 days. To counter the situation Forward2me says it is opening new facilities in both Germany and Poland to speed up its European parcel forwarding service, ironically with the Polish operation currently delayed by vital IT equipment being held on the border by customs.

And the good news? Outside the EU delivery times fell between December and January, even in the cases of other European states such as Norway and Switzerland, with average non-EU shipments taking 16% less time to deliver.

To see the Forward2me assessment in full, including infographics for the main countries served by the carrier, click HERE.

Photo: Trucks have been delayed by the new EU customs regulations.