Tuesday, May 9, 2017

UK Logistics Body Asks for Input on Standards for Proposed Forwarders Apprenticeship

BIFA Suggestions Open to Review by Wider Industry before Approval
Shipping News Feature
UK – The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has been conducting a working group composed of several major entities in the UK freight industry with the intent of drawing up a specific Apprenticeship Standard for an International Freight Forwarding Specialist. The group has now drawn up the Standard and BIFA is now calling on the wider freight community to provide feedback to its suitability for the wider industry.

The working group recently held a workshop to decide the content of the standard but as part of the application process it is inviting comments on the document. BIFA explained:

“When reading, bear in mind that Standards should be short, easy to understand documents that capture the areas of Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour that are required to undertake a specific occupation well, and to operate confidently within a sector. They are not the detailed training syllabus nor a comprehensive list of the laws, rules and documents that an employee needs to know.”

To download the document click here. The deadline for comments is Sunday 14th May, please send them to c.hobbis@bifa.org