Thursday, November 19, 2009

UK Freight Forwarding Round Up In Brief - Road Sea And Air Cargo Report

A Quick Look at BIFA Announcements this Month
Shipping News Feature

UK – Here is a précis of this month’s most relevant announcements from the British International Freight Association. A full schedule of training courses for forwarders during 2010 can been seen here. This year’s range is even more extensive than ever, and ranges between such matters as Air Cargo Security, through First Aid and Dangerous Goods Handling right down to Basic Competency in Shipping practices. Non BIFA members are welcome (at slightly elevated rates).

Alterations to Customs regulations applicable to European cross border trade will be implemented from 1st January 2010 and will mean those issuing European Sales Lists (ESL’s), the documents required between VAT registered traders in different countries. Details can be found at the relevant BIFA link or from the HMRC page.

In a bid to compile climate change related statistics, East Midland Airport are asking all air freight associated businesses which use UK air cargo services to complete an online questionnaire available here.

Common sense states that anyone involved in the handling or management of dangerous goods needs proper training. Now the law makes the same conditions compulsory. For details of who should be accredited and where to secure the information and training please click here.

Certain sections of the Customs Nomenclature which defines how goods are classified for tariff purposes have been removed. If you need to prepare Customs declarations you should read this.

As usual there are other matters relevant to UK forwarders listed on BIFA’s main site including changes in cross border VAT rules, plus various awards nomination details, cargo reports etc. all on the main BIFA site.