Friday, August 4, 2017

Uber Freight Expands Full Load Road Haulage Booking Service Areas and App Options

New Technology for Drivers Looks to be Gaining a Foothold in the Logistics Market
Shipping News Feature
US – Three months after soft launching their to-order freight app in Texas, Uber Freight has announced that they are expanding the range that their service reaches. Now Uber Freight's full load road haulage booking service will be available across some of the biggest logistics markets in the US with California, Arizona, the Chicago-Midwest region, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina all now being linked to the booking service. Bill Driegert, director of Uber Freight, was extremely positive on the rapid development:

“We’re growing at an Uber-like pace. We’re heads down focused on building out the best product we can. If we build the right product for our customers, that’s ultimately what matters.”

Freight booking apps are receiving more and more attention and have become a major focus of investment from venture capitalists. Though there has been some scepticism amongst truck drivers regarding these systems they is no denying that serious money being ploughed into their development, with start-up Convoy generating $62 million from such big hitters as Bill Gates. And the new features being rolled out by Uber Freight promise to make using the service even easier for truckers looking for loads.

Now drivers can set load preferences based on location, hometown, past loads and other specifications with the app generating an alert on their mobile device so drivers in the covered regions can be made aware of jobs that they may be interested in as soon as they are generated.

Although the app is still limited to full loads only Uber Freight state they are experimenting with other options to widen the appeal to more drivers and companies in the LTL market.