Monday, July 25, 2016

Two of the Largest Container Freight Companies Back New Box Tracking System

Remote Global Position and Detailed Status Report Available
Shipping News Feature
FRANCE – SWITZERLAND – WORLDWIDE – French start-up company, TRAXENS, has pulled off a coup by signing up both MSC and CMA CGM, respectively second and third largest container shipping companies in the world, to its container fleet monitoring system. With a combined fleet of 4.5 million units these two world leaders transport approximately 25% of the world’s freight containers and the agreement sees CMA CGM and MSC invest capital in TRAXENS, with each Group also represented on the Board of Directors.

Founded in 2012, TRAXENS has been developing unique solutions for the cargo logistics arena, and has created an innovative container monitoring and coordination system and deployment of the TRAXENS devices across the fleets of both carriers will be announced in Q4 of this year. Diego Aponte, President and CEO of MSC, said:

“We see container monitoring as an important innovation in providing our customers with a high quality of service, while also being able to monitor our outputs accurately. We believe that shipping lines should naturally compete on service, but should co-operate in the area of technology and innovation.”

MSC invested in TRAXENS in February 2015, a system which can establish a large range of data regarding container status, this includes GPS coordinates, temperature, shocks, door open/closed status, vibration, shock, and movement. However, the system is expandable so additional data can be gathered from the container or its cargo: internal temperature, humidity and pressure are probably the most commonly useful, but anything that can be measured can be added to the list.

The system was initially designed by Michael Fallah, who has a pedigree in radio frequency technology and consists of two component parts, TRAX-NET and TRAX-HUB. TRAX-NET is a mesh radio network which allows containers to be accessed even in the most remote or difficult locations and adapts to obey regional regulations on radio emissions. Meanwhile TRAX-HUB is a data platform which uses any combination of SMS, Email, Web Services and EDI to communicate the right information to the right person at the right time. Michel Fallah, founder and CEO of TRAXENS observed:

“We are of course delighted to have the backing of CMA CGM since 2012 and now of MSC. Our solution was designed from day one to be a global solution for all containers and all companies. This is an encouraging step towards setting a market standard”